About the Culture Programme

EUThe Education, Audiovisual & Cultural Executive Agency (EACEA) is responsible for the management of certain EU programmes in education, culture and audiovisual development. This new agency was ratified in January 2005 and it became fully operational in January 2006, under the supervision of three parent Directorates-General:

  • Education and Culture (DG EAC)
  • Information Society and Media (DG INFSO)
  • EuropeAid Co-operation Office (DG AIDCO).

EACEA is based in Brussels. Its mission is to implement more than 15 Community-funded programmes in education and training, active citizenship, youth, audiovisual development and culture.


Bringing these programmes together under the single EACEA banner will help to co-ordinate management and provide programme beneficiaries with a fully comprehensive service.


While EACEA has its own legal identity, it reports directly to two Directorates-General of the European Commission - Education and Culture (EAC) – which remain responsible for overall programming, evaluating and issuing policies.


EACEA is in charge of most programme management, including calls for proposals and selecting projects.



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