Brussels Raw

6 May 2012 - 15:00
6 May 2012 - 16:30

The Brussels Poetry Collective has been wandering around in the labyrinth of the city searching for poetry and found no less than 22 poets with brand-new work. Come discover this new harvest at our unique poetry festival Cru Bruxellois / Brussel Rauw / Brussels Raw. Poems in a jazzy fusion of languages and styles - from English and French rap to Turkish elegies, from Slovenian sonnets to Congolese blues.

With : David Van Reybrouck, Peter Vermeersch, Xavier Queipo, Frank De Crits, Maky, Geert van Istendael, Manza, Kool Koor, Serge van Duijnhoven, Taha Adnan, Bart Vonck, Kader Sevinç, Hendrik Carette, Sandrine Emmery, Defi J, Serge Meurant, Pesadilla Confort, Anja Golob, Adolfo Barberá del Rosal, Maïa Chauvier, Pitcho and Jozef Estes.
Fanfare du Produit Blanc is the reduced version of La Fanfare du Belgistan. Five musicians will perform a mix of exciting music genres from around the world.

Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels / Studio

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