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The City of Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is centrally situated in Northern Europe. The city is built on 14 islands, where the lake Mälaren opens up into the Baltic Sea. Its history goes back to the 13th century and in 2002, Stockholm celebrated its 750th anniversary.


At the beginning of 2007, the population of Stockholm was 781,000 in a region (Mälardalen) of two million people. The city is steadily growing and some 20,000 people move to Stockholm every year.


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Shahrazad in Stockholm

Stockholm has been a city of refuge since 1998, and a member of the International Cities Of Refuge Network (ICORN), since its inception in 2006. For the last two years, the city of refuge guest writer has been Faraj Bayrakdar, a Syrian poet and journalist. Now the city has invited a new writer for this programme.


During the five-year Shahrazad project, Stockholm will arrange an extensive programme of activities, such as writers’ meetings, debates, university and school programmes, exhibitions and much more. Stockholm is also responsible for the Shahrazad profile programme - 1001 Digital Stories – across all the Shahrazad cities.


At the end of 2012, Stockholm will host the final Shahrazad event: the second European Hospitality Tribunal. The tribunal will be a follow-up on the first tribunal, arranged in Stavanger in May 2008.


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The Department for Cultural and Integration Support Stockholm’s participation in Shahrazad, as well as membership of ICORN, is administered by the Department for Cultural and Integration Support at the city’s Culture Administration.


Three people are responsible for the Shahrazad project:

Mr. Bo Andér, project manager. []

Mrs. Annika Hälldin, vice project manager. []

Mr. Oskar Ekström, coordinator/producer. []

Ms. Shoresh Ibrahim, coordinator/producer. []


The department’s main task is to provide backing for independent cultural activities in Stockholm. This is handled by a cultural and integration support programme. The department is also responsible for administering the City’s support for public assembly halls and neighbourhood centres, as well as the promotion of cultural activities for children and young people. The overall aim is to ensure that the cultural offering of the City of Stockholm is exciting and varied.


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The Cultural Administration of Stockholm

The Department for Cultural and Integration Support is part of the Stockholm Culture Administration, which operates as instructed by the Culture Committee. Its brief includes the Cultural Centre (Kulturhuset), the Stockholm School of Arts (Kulturskolan), the Stockholm Art Council (Konstkansliet), the Liljevalch Art Gallery (Liljevalchs Konsthall), the City Library and district libraries, and the Stockholm City Museum, the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.


Apart from the activities of the cultural and integration department, the Culture Administration is also responsible for the City’s various youth activities, the Young08 Summer Festival, the Cultural Festival of Stockholm, the National Day celebrations and a wide diversity of other projects.

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Latest news Stockholm

Tribunal 12 in Stockholm

The countdown is nearly over. Before a jury consisting of internationally acclaimed authors, professors and activists, Tribunal 12 will tomorrow accuse Europe of the continual violations of human rights and mistreatments of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

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