We accuse Europe of continual violations of human rights and the systematic mistreatment of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers!

Date: 12 May 2012

Location: Kulturhuset & Sergels torg in Stockholm and all over Europe.


People who flee to Europe are often met with disbelief and suspicion. Many are directly deported at the borders, despite risking their lives. Others are held up in prison-like detention centres lacking basic human rights. Once inside Europe, people are subjected to lengthy and complex asylum processes, often without legal advice. The vast majority of asylum applications are rejected, forcing people to return to extreme dangers. In order to survive, many choose to live hidden without any legal rights.


At Tribunal 12, Europe will be held accountable for these failures.


Inspired by the International War Crimes Tribunal that was formed by Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre in 1967, Tribunal 12 sets out to locate the moral, legal and political responsibilities as well as call for a change within the system.


Tribunal 12 will present four artistically outlined sessions focusing on: BORDER CONTROL, ASYLUM PROCESS, UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTS and DETENTION & DEPORTATION. A final session concludes with an open discussion amongst the jury members.


The evidence will consist of witnesses and expert statements, statistics, re- ports and stories.


Members of the jury are internationally acclaimed experts within the fields of philosophy, sociology, international law, literature, arts and activism.


The Tribunal 12 sessions will be broadcasted live in theatres and other public spaces throughout Europe, as well as on the project website.


Manifestations in connection to the screenings will take place at Sergels torg in Stockholm and in several European cities.


Everybody is invited to support the accusation by digitally signing the website of Tribunal 12. The aim is to create a movement of support and present thousands of individuals, organisations and companies supporting the accusation.


Tribunal 12 is currently gathering evidence, witness statements and stories un- der the session topics and encourages everyone to contribute with evidence to:


During the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in Stockholm, Tribunal 12 presents three members of the jury. The remaining jury members will be released at different times during the coming monhts.


Nawal el Saadawi is an Egyptian writer, feminist, physician and activist. Nawal el Saadawi is a renowned advocate on women's rights and freedom of expression in the Arab world. She has published numerous novels, short stories and non-fic- tion addressing women's issues and criticising oppressive regimes. Recently she has contributed with her reflections on the Arab spring.


Saskia Sassen is the Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, USA. Saskia Sassen is a world-leading expert on issues concerning globalisation and international migration. Her work embraces a broad scope of social, economical and political aspects as well as new technologies, and human rights.


Nuruddin Farah is a one of Africas most prominent writers and advocate for women's rights in his homeland Somalia. Nuruddin Farah's extensive literary production brings life to the political and social struggles in the Horn of Af- rica. He is a perennial nominee for the Nobel Prize.


The co-organisers behind Tribunal 12 are Shahrazad - Stories for Life, Kulturhuset in Stockholm and The Swedish Forum for Human Rights. The project is funded by the European Commission through the Culture Programme 2007-2013, Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Authors' Fund. Partners are ICORN - Internation- al Cities for Refuge Network, Riksteater, Videoforce & Acusticum. Several or- ganisations, companies and individuals supports the project in various ways. Please see the website for a full list of supporters.



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