TRIBUNAL 12 Stockholm

12 May 2012 - 10:00
12 May 2012 - 22:30



Tribunal 12 advocates a change within the European system that currently treats people who flee to Europe disrespectfully and exposes them to systematic violations.

In order to achieve this, Tribunal 12 sets out to make visible what refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are experiencing in their encounter with Europe and:

- Investigate whether human rights are violated.

- Expose the hidden structures that allow for the inhumane treatment of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

- Locate the moral, legal and political responsibility for the current situation in Europe.

Tribunal 12 is supported by the City of Stockholm, the European Union Culture 2007: multi-annual co-operation grant and the Swedish Forum for Human Rights.



Tribunal 12 at Kulturhuset in Stockholm will be divided into four sessions and conclude with a open discussion among the members of the jury. The public is invited to attend the sessions at Kulturhuset or view the live broadcast on the website or in theatres and public spaces throughout Europe. Public manifestations will take place at Sergels torg outside Kulturhuset and in other European cities.



10.00-11.30 Session: Border control

12.30-14.00 Session: Asylum process

14.00-15.30 Manifestation activities at Sergels torg

15.30-17.00 Session: Undocumented migrants

17.00-18.00 Manifestation activities at Sergels torg

18.00-19.30 Session: Detention & deportation

19.30-21.00 Manifestation activities at Sergels torg

21.00-22.30 Open discussion among the members of jury and the final verdict.


Location: Sergels torg & Kulturhuset in Stockholm and all over Europe.

For more information on how to book tickets, visit Kulturhuset i Stockholm.

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For more information on the outdoor program at Sergels Torg, go here.

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